Friday, March 26, 2010

♠ Wedded Bliss ♠

My very best wishes to Nicole Hyala on her wedding day tomorrow!  I've been an avid listener of their program since 2007. With her partner Chris Tsuper, as seen on the photo, The Tambalan Program on 90.7 Love Radio, that airs weekdays, generates listeners from all walks of life.  I find their everyday topics, [mostly from different people who seeks their advice on love, family and relationships]  profoundly comical, hysterically funny and rib-tickling. Their witty repartee with each other made their show No.1 on radio ratings.

With their infectious good humour  on radio, they elevated themselves not only as radio personalities but as recording artists as well.  As a matter of fact, they have 3 albums out on the market and it's doing well on the local charts.  This unstoppable duo will continue to provide amusement and enjoyment to their listeners everywhere. Cheerz!


Anonymous said...

Close kayo caz ni Nicole ? Hehehe - Karen

ruperto prieto jr. said...

di naman a fan lang of tambalan.

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