Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Serpent's Tooth by Faye Kellerman

Lieutenant Peter Decker of the LAPD is in charge of the investigation into a mass murder at a ritzy restaurant. Harlan Manz, former bartender and tennis pro, went to Estelle's and killed over a dozen people before shooting himself in the head. The tragedy draws the press, who draw their own conclusions. Had Manz snapped and gone to Estelle's to avenge losing his job there? Decker and his homicide team uncover evidence pointing to another scenario. What really happened at Estelle's? Read it and find out!

I was a bit skeptical on buying this particular novel, I was still working on my first job when I came across this book I bought at a bookshop just across from our office building. As a reader, I'm a bit capricious when it involves in choosing a book. I have a tendency to be a selective buyer. Sometimes I'm inclined on buying a certain title but after reading a few pages, I'll change my mind and consider on buying another one instead. When I skimmed through Serpent's Tooth synopsis, it caught my attention on why a person could open fire and gun down innocent people with no apparent reason...Of course later on, the author concocted a logical explanation why this happened. 

Synopsis plays a vital role for a book to sell. An author should bring on the heavy artillery when they compose a synopsis for their books, mainly because as a reader myself, I need a preview of the story that from the moment I've read it, I would want to acquire that book on the basis of a few words alone that chronicles a story that is worth reading... Cheerz! 

My Rating: 4 ½ stars

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