Sunday, March 14, 2010

♠ Plain Sailing ♠

As the title implies, I'm full of hope that my first training tomorrow will be successful.  I'm enthusiastic enough to suppress the nervousness that i'm feeling right now.  My orientation last Friday generated loads of lessons for me.  I've met people of all sorts, some are new to this experience like I am, and it's good to know that they share my uncertainties as well.  During the orientation, we're told that the campaign we're going to handle won't be trouble-free.  Training will be extremely thorough, exhaustive, and demanding.  We will be like students again, studying non-stop for a passing grade.  This is a one-shot deal for me.  I have to play hardball or else I'm out of the training program.  It's not that i can portend trouble ahead, but i want to be fully prepared if I'm not accepted on the program. I'm not ignorant to rejections, i had my share of failures, dismissals, and disappointments.  Once you've experienced  all of these negativeness, you can just brush it off and try again! GOD will be with you all the way! 


melissa verde said...

Tomorrow will be a new day, I'm sure you will be doing good cause your hardworking person.

pertz elessar said...

thanks! i do hope so!

Rom said...


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