Tuesday, March 30, 2010

♠ No Ifs' or Buts' ♠

Hey there! It's been ages since my last book review, the reason I created this blog, is for me to post book reviews every now and then, it's just that so many things are on my mind lately, that I haven't find a decent book to review, or maybe I just need to organize my thoughts first. It's also  a good thing that I can use my blog to hand over God's messages  to other people. Next week, I'm going to try and compile the books and authors that I'm going to publish and try to comment on them as much as I can.  

On the other hand, I just finished reading The Last Oracle by James Rollins and no surprises here, the book was again a thrill-a-minute-ride! His Sigma Series is one of the best series in fiction today. You rock James! And I hope we can see a synopsis of your newest Sigma novel entitled "The Devil Colony". I'm waiting for it!  You've been very busy lately and I hope you can write as many books as fast as you can! Haha!

What  I'm reading now is Debbie Macomber's 92 Pacific Boulevard, this is the 9th book on her beloved Cedar Cove Series. I've read all the 8 previous books (16 Lighthouse Road, 204 Rosewood Lane, 311 Pelican Court, 44 Cranberry Point, 50 Harbor Street, 6 Rainier Drive,74 Seaside Avenue, 8  Sandpiper Way) and they are all fantastic. You should try them out! Cheerz!

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