Saturday, March 27, 2010

♠ A Night of Two Proportions ♠

Tonight at exactly 8:30pm let us join the rest of the world and turn off our lights in cooperation for the 60 minutes  Earth Hour.
Let us be a part of this important event and help one another to save our planet. Everyday, we should conserve power and try to take care of our environment as best as we could.

Also,  tonight will be the concert that everyone is waiting for! Well, everyone except me. I can't possibly go to the venue. I'm a bit of a homebody type of guy. I seldom go to concerts and events. Don't want to elbow my way to the front line just to see the performers, it's a hassle for me .Well, if Enya will visit here, then I'll be singing a different tune. Haha. Justin Timberlake is my sister's favorite singer alongside with Britney Spears, but they broke up ages ago. But still she love Justin nevertheless, it's sad that she can't make it to the concert, in view of the fact, that she has other important things to attend to, I can't divulge any information regarding it. Hehe. On the other hand, I know Jojo, I've been listening to her records every now and then. Quite a remarkable artist too! I hope the concert will be a success!

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