Friday, March 12, 2010

♠ A New Day Has Come ♠

Finally I have something to look forward to! I just had my orientation with a well-known call center company this morning. I'll be having a two-month training under their watchful eyes, it's just unnerving, in view of the fact,  that this is my very first time to be involved with this kind of business. I've made loads of friends and I hope all of us will be handling the same campaign. But first, I have to pass all the examinations and interviews during the training to earn my way on being a regular employee, and believe me, it's not going to be just a walk in the park! I have to give my all on this one. The training will take off on Monday to Friday. This means less reading time for me, that's a bad thing since i love reading so much. Well, I just have to put it aside this time.  I hope it'll all be all right. Wish me luck! Cheerz! 


arlene poralan said...

hi! wow, buti naman at mag training ka na! sana ma regular ka after training! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

good! sana sure na yan. goodluck friend!

Anonymous said...

jannice kris bacsa sansano

pertz elessar said...

thanks jannice hehehe

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