Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review: Black Creek Crossing by John Saul

Angel Sullivan, a plain-looking 14-year-old who never fits in, gets a chance for a fresh start when her family moves into the plush community of Roundtree. Myra, her obsessively religious mother, and Marty, her lazy, alcoholic father, buy a house on Black Creek Crossing, even though the place is rumored to be haunted. Soon after they settle in, a black cat mysteriously appears out of thin air, smoke from a nonexistent fire fills the house and a girl's face appears in the darkness, reflected in a mirror. Meanwhile, Angel, with the help of another school outcast, Seth Baker, begins to investigate the history of the house. They discover an ancient book of spells that may have belonged to the house's original owners, members of a Salem-like community of witches, and the teens proceed to cast spells on the bullies who torment them. But the sinister forces inhabiting the house are just biding their time until they turn their malice on Angel and Seth. A edge-of-your-seat book!


This was my first John Saul book. I’ve found this book when I learned about a book sale that was being held by a distinguished bookstore. After office hours I went there to check the sale out. I was still working then with my previous employer. The book is about a mystery that surrounds an old house and how it affected the lives of two children. What attracted me most when I first had a glimpse of the book was the cover art. It was the cover that interested and prompted me to read the description of the book, and after reading it I immediately wanted to buy it. 

I wasn’t displeased after reading the entirety of the novel. I instantly became a fan of John Saul. Cover art is of a prime importance for a book to sell and be perceived by readers like me. Of course what’s inside is what really counts, but it wouldn’t hurt if it has a matching killer cover to boot too! Makes you want to read it with fervor! An exhilarating read! I really loved it! Cheers!

My Rating: 5 stars

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