Thursday, December 1, 2016

Movie Review: MOANA

Release date: November 30, 2016 (Philippines)
Directors: John Musker, Ron Clements
Producer: Osnat Shurer
Screenplay: John Musker, Ron Clements, Taika Waititi, Jared Bush
Music composed by: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina, Opetaia Foa'i

What the story is about:
An adventurous teenager sails out on a daring mission to save her people. During her journey, Moana meets the once-mighty demigod Maui, who guides her in her quest to become a master way-finder. Together they sail across the open ocean on an action-packed voyage, encountering enormous monsters and impossible odds. Along the way, Moana fulfills the ancient quest of her ancestors and discovers the one thing she always sought: her own identity.
Thoughts on the movie: 

So last Wednesday, my friend and myself decided to spend Bonifacio Day at the mall. Haha. We went to see the new Disney flick, MOANA. He's a Disney fan and anything made by Disney is like a treasure to him. He needs to see a movie or needs to buy something from this big giant of a corporation. Maybe I'm just stretching that last  part but he is...a true blue Disney nut.

Anyways, so we were running late for the movie, not the first time this happened... When we arrived at the Cinema to get tickets, there's this long like to get them. Children of all ages were scattered within the cinema, some were dancing, and yeah they are. I don't know why, maybe they're just bored waiting for the tickets and decided to do ballroom dancing out of the blue. There were seniors loitering around ready to go inside the cinema with their discounted tickets and there were cheerful families as well. Lots of them. It was pandemonium. Everybody wanted to go first. The reason? A bad one. There were two cashiers stationed for tickets and we were like, this is the opening day for two local popular films and a major Disney movie and you have what? Two cashiers? I mean, come on man. That is a bad call from the management. They should have added more. 

Okay, with that out of the way, I'll get on with my review. Moana is stunning. I mean, the story is nothing I've seen before. It is an original for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. The character of Moana is this gentle girl who loves her people very much but she must take all that responsibility and become a leader to them. A weight on her shoulder that she wants to escape. But her father persuaded her that she must do it and it is expected of her. The journey is not without hurdles. With the help of Maui, they set out to find Te Fiti and restore the heart that was stolen from her. The movie is about committing mistakes and admitting them and asking for forgiveness. Disney has delivered another beautiful creation in Moana and I forgot to mention that the soundtrack for this movie is great. Already have it on my player and been listening to it non-stop and can’t seem to stop dancing. Disney has produced another keeper in Moana, it was so good that we watched it again for the second time that day. Go and see it! I’ll give this movie 5 stars out of 5. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Hi there!!! It's been a very long time since my last post!!! OMG. I can't believe it... I will try and resurrect  this blog and post reviews as much as I possibly can! That's not a promise haha. Let's see. :-)

With Instagram and Facebook dominating social media, sometimes, I feel like there's no need to blog. That was a mistake as I really miss writing my own stuff. Well, let's just see where this will take me. Good luck to me! :-)

Meet my family! These guys are the ones who inspire me to work hard, maintain my feet on the ground and I'm just myself whenever I'm with them.

I'm missing them so bad right now...I'll be seeing them soon...

Well, that's it for now. I'll better get on with the re-construction of this blog, I need to update everything! Not an easy task. Haha.:-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Review: Creep by Jennifer Hillier



Dr. Sheila Tao is a professor of psychology, an expert in human behavior with her own hidden past. But she’s not the only one keeping secrets. . . . When Sheila began an affair with her sexy graduate assistant Ethan Wolfe, she knew she was playing with fire. Consumed by lust when they were together, she was riddled with guilt when they were apart. Now she’s finally engaged to a good man, and it’s time to end the dangerous liaison. But Ethan has something different in mind. He intends to make her pay for rejecting him. 

. . . NO ONE CAN. 

As Sheila attempts to counter Ethan’s increasingly threatening moves, he schemes to reveal her darkest, most intimate secrets by destroying her prestigious career . . . and then her. Caught in a terrifying cat-and-mouse game, Sheila must fight for her life and free herself from the ex-lover whom she couldn’t resist—who is now the manipulative monster who won’t let her go. 

Dr. Sheila Tao, the main character in the story, is a psychology professor who teaches in a university. Like any ordinary teacher, she encounters loads of students and interacts with them almost in a regular manner. The problem is that, if you go beyond the teacher-student-relationship, then that’s going to be a real problem. That’s what happened to her in this story…and it’s not a pleasant one.

The story is not that foreign to me, Sheila falls for this male student and she’s like 15 years older than him and they’ve had passionate sex all the time and it was good for a couple of months. They can’t get enough of each other and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s their business. Things got complicated though when Sheila’s boyfriend, (yeah, she’s attached) Morris, a wonderful man who’s madly in love with her, proposed and offered marriage to her. She couldn’t let the affair go on if she was going to get married. She resented what she did to Morris and it’s eating her up like a cancer. She needed to end it with Ethan. 

Ethan on the surface seems okay with the break up. Deep inside he’s planning something sinister. Ethan kidnapped Sheila and held her hostage for days in hope that Sheila will succumb to his wishes and be his again…Sheila suffered from physical and emotional torture as a captive of Ethan, the only thing she could do was to play along with Ethan’s games until such time that he can trust her again. Meanwhile, Morris with the help of private detective struggled to find Sheila. He’s not convinced that Sheila vanished into thin air without telling anyone. That’s not her. I won’t tell you the ending as that’s the good part. 

Overall, this book was sooooooooo good. I’ve read some reviews on Amazon and from other blogs out there and what they said was true. The book was spectacular. It was an amazing read and it will keep you at the edge of your friggin’ seats. Jennifer Hillier is a gifted story teller. She’s funny, her characters are just crazy cool and I love how she writes. I’m wondering why she’s not that famous as a writer. She’s really good. I like her. People should read her.  I will be reading the sequel to Creep entitled Freak very soon. I can’t wait to read on what the characters have been up to, really nice to catch up with their lives. I was hoping that Jennifer will write more books from this series, please Jennifer! Pretty please! =D

My Rating: 4 1/2 stars

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice

The storm off Mackinac Island that engulfed Maura Shaw’s husband and elder daughter, Carrie, also swept away the illusion of her life as the perfect Midwestern wife and mother. Now, after years away, Maura has returned to Rhode Island to teach English at the fabled Newport Academy and to seek a new beginning. Newport has never failed to infuse Maura with a sense of mystery and hope, but ever since the accident, her younger daughter, fourteen-year-old Beck, has retreated into the safe, predictable world of mathematics. Without Carrie, Beck has lost half of herself—the half that would have fit into the elite private school she and her brother, Travis, will attend. The half that made things right. Sixteen-year-old Travis is also struggling to adjust—juggling a long-distance first love and an attraction to a girl with a wicked sparkle in her eye. And for Maura, ghosts linger here—an unresolved breach with her own beloved sister and a long-ago secret that may now have the power to set her free. 


The story starts with an interesting premise, Carrie finds out that the father that she thinks she knows, is not her real father. She found this out when she learned that she was pregnant. Her father told her the truth while they were in the middle of the water on a boat. A storm engulfed the boat they were in and capsized and then they were thrown overboard and she never saw her father again. After that she decided to leave home and then became a runaway pregnant teenager. Her mother, brother and sister were devastated by this. She’d rather go away than seek and ask their help. She should have stayed and overcome her problems with the help of her family. But sometimes some of us really need time to deal with our own problems in seclusion.

Carrie’s sister, Beck, did not take her sister’s absence in her life lightly. They were very close. Her outlet for her feelings of loneliness and abandonment were channeled to a deeper problem: she started to steal stuff.  I know, what’s up with that? Why steal? Well, I cannot answer why people do stupid things, anyways, she’s just a kid. Maybe kids turn to stealing when they feel neglected or whatever. I feel sorry for her though.

Carrie’s brother, Travis, has taken the initiative to be the strong one in dealing with Carrie’s sudden absence; he’s trying to live a normal life by attending school and keeping in touch with her girlfriend. That’s about to change when he sees Pell, he is instantly attracted to her and although he tried his best to suppress his feelings for her, it did not work. Now he has a relationship problem! Wow. Teenagers have a complicated life! Well, I’ve experienced all of these before so I know how hard it is.

On the other hand, Carrie’s mother, Maura, also needs to mend a broken relationship with her own sister. They fell in love with the same guy. Ugh. That is messy and sad. One way or the other, someone will get hurt. Love is very complicated, sometimes, I can’t even understand it. It’s so damn frustrating! =(

Luanne never fails to touch my heart with her endearing characters and her great stories. This one hits straight home. Well, I can relate to this because I have a sister. I love her very much and I don’t know what I’ll do if anything bad will happen to her. The Geometry of Sisters is all about sisters, how they fight, make-up, share experiences; love each other and how pain and sorrow separated them and how love reunited them again. The book is perfect for all the sisters out there! 

My Rating: 4 stars

Saturday, August 23, 2014

In My Mailbox #53: Super Fun Books!

Okay, I know… It’s been ages since my last IMM. I’ve been so out of sync with my blog (nobody’s fault but mine) that I’ve neglected it for so many months now. Sorry Bookable Reads! =( I’ll make it up to you, I hope. (Fingers crossed!) It’s just that I was really swamped with work and my personal life and everything else (don’t have any idea what everything else is, hahaha). But of course that’s not an excuse, but I think they are. Can’t decide. =D

Even though I’m not that uber active when it comes to posting everyday these past few months, I still read a lot, it’s in my blood and it will never go away. I also buy books every now and then if my budget allows it. For the past few weeks I’ve managed to accumulate these books and all of them are in super-excellent condition (considering these are pre-owned books and some of them are on sale). Anyways, let me break them down for you guys:

Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag (Bought this at Book Sale Megamall, a great find since I’ve been looking for this title, like, everywhere!)

Stay Close by Harlan Coben (Got this at National Bookstore SM Megamall, it was just lying around inside the sale bin, when I saw that it was a Harlan Coben novel, no questions asked, it’s a keeper.)

Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter (Hahahaha. Where did I get this book anyhow? Can’t remember. Worst memory ever. Sue me. J)

Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen (This is the GEM among all the others, (isn’t it obvious? I even underlined the word gem for emphasis hahaha) got this at Book Sale Shopwise in Cubao, there was no other copy of this, believe me, I did an extensive search. Apparently, I want another copy to compare it with the one that I have in my hands. I know, I’m that kind of buyer, I need to compare at least three options before I purchase the goods. (I think I got this proclivity from my boss. Shhh…) LOL.

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks (I was surfing the net and was randomly looking for books online ( I do this every payday ) when I saw this book, I wasn’t planning on getting this but the price was really affordable, can’t let that just pass me by.)
Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber (Having read four or five books in the series, it’s only fair to buy this one; I reckon that this is book 6 in the series.)

Hide by Lisa Gardner (Got this at National Bookstore Cubao, they have a bunch of books on sale.)

The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice (Got this at National Bookstore Cubao, same as Hide by Lisa Gardner.)

The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry, Creep and Freak by Jennifer Hillier (Got this at National Alimall at almost 75% off!!!! Amazing deal!!!)

There you have it folks! That’s all I’ve got! Plenty huh? Anyways, let me know what you think about these awesome titles and also how awesome I am! What about you? What do you have on your own mailbox? I’d love to hear from you! =D

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Happy 30th Sis!

I had a wonderful time with my one and only sister as we celebrated her birthday over dinner a week ago. We decided not to invite other relatives and friends, as we really wanted to take this opportunity to connect and bond. It’s been a while since we last sat down and really talk about stuff. Although we are on the same roof, we don’t get the chance to chat, considering our work schedule and all.

I wanted to buy her a book as a gift, but I know her, she doesn't like to read. My sister has two lovely children, Justin and Jacob and I love them both dearly and a loving husband who’s always there for her. I can say that she’s unquestionably happy with her life right now and that's all I ever wanted for her.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cover Story #3: Fun!

WhiteRock, Olongapo

I can describe the last few weeks/months in one word: F U N. I’m having fun. I’m enjoying myself immensely with the company of good people. I don’t go out that much, I don’t know why, I can’t put it into words, but I like to stay home whenever I have my free time or if I’m not working. Home for me is a place where I can be myself and just chill…(or tamad lang talaga ako).  J

Love Dessert, Quezon City
The reason I’m blogging about this is because I want to remember these good times with my friends and my family and the way to do that is to at least post the photos and throw in some article about it.

Naic, Cavite
 (Facebook is okay but I can’t post an article this long now, can I? That would be weird and before I know it, my friends would get tired of reading that lengthy post or they would just die of boredom.)

Naic, Cavite
Moving on, I once read from a certain book, can’t remember the title (this happens a lot to me, I keep on forgetting things) that it’s essential and necessary even to document these memories. I might find this enlightening when I’m on my fifties or sixties. There would be a time when I want to look back on the days when I was in my prime and still young and reckless…
Love Dessert, Quezon City

That’s why I’m going to use this blog as a tool to do just that. When I started blogging, I told myself that this blog will be in conjunction entirely with book related posts, book reviews, book releases and many more, nothing else, well… that’s about to change. ;)
WhiteRock, Olongapo

So here are some of the photos I’ve been talking about! 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

L.U.C.Y. (Or As I’d like to call it: EPAL)

So we got free tickets for the movie LUCY, (forgive the director of this film, the title is not self-explanatory) starring Scarlett J. and Morgan Freeman.  Anyways, to give you some idea what this movie is all about; I’ll dish out some tidbits, here’s the story so far… (Spoiler alert!)

When drug mule Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) by accident gets a good dose of what she is transporting into her system, she suddenly acquires superhuman strength and fighting know-how. She also gains a whole heap of other neat tricks: she's able to absorb knowledge instantaneously, is unable to feel pain and can move objects with her mind.”

I got a bit excited about this and googled if the film received favorable reviews from moviegoers and critics. The film did collect rave reviews from different movie experts and they all agree that Lucy is worth your dough. 

This info got me all wired up. I was really looking forward on watching it. But in the end, we weren't able to watch the film. Some of us can’t make it because of work related concerns and I don’t want to go if they can’t. 

We decided to hide our disappointment by taking photos and we just laughed and said to ourselves, EPAL ka LUCY! Hahahhaa. In the end, I got home really early and had a meaningful evening run.  =D

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Last to Die by Tess Gerritsen

Three children are brought together by seemingly motiveless and extreme acts of violence. They are taken in as students at Evensong, a boarding school for emotionally traumatized children in the remote Maine wilderness. Forensic pathologist Maura Isles suspects that the Evensong founders may be using the school for their own agenda. And her concerns grow when Detective Jane Rizzoli is asked to investigate yet another attempt on the life of one of the orphans at the school. What both Jane and Maura soon discover is that even a school protected by locked gates and acres of forest cannot shut out a gathering threat. When three blood-spattered twig dolls are found hanging from a tree, they wonder if the threat comes from outside the school, or from within.

Wanting to read this for quite some time and now I finally have my own copy! Let me bore you on how I managed to get my hands on this book.

I went for a stroll on my usual bookshop one day,(isang araw, I saw nakakita bwahahaha, sorry) and I was just haphazardly looking at these books on these numerous bookshelves when some title caught my roving eye. I couldn’t believe it, it was Last To Die by Tess Gerritsen! I was looking for this novel, like, forever! And there it was, in mint condition, wedged between an author I don’t know and an Erica James novel. With a fluid-like motion, so much like a surgeon’s hand, I extricated the book with both hands and almost weep in relief that it was in perfect form, the cover was glossy, it was in hardbound format and the pages were complete and intact, and now I finally have it. I automatically went to the cashier, I said hi and then all of a sudden she was babbling about the weather and other stuff  but I wasn’t really paying attention to her rumblings, I told her that I really needed to go so I paid for the book and left in a hurry. Why was I in a hurry anyway? It’s not like; someone else was interested on this book. In fact, I may well be the only Tess Gerritsen fan who went out of his way and emailed her and told her how much I love her books. Nah. It can’t be true; there are some others like me out there, Hmmm… why do I make it sound like something mysterious is going on??? I left in a hurry because I just can’t wait to read the book, been waiting for so long and now the waiting is over.

Well, enough chit chat, on to my book review! Last To Die’s appeal to me is the setting of the story and the plot itself. (Scroll up for the summary). Great story eh? You all know by now how I enjoy reading school-themed stories and a good whodunit mystery novel and these two are always a combination with Tess’s novels and that’s why I can’t miss any of her offerings. Last To Die started with a bang, Tess gave some info on what’s happening on Maura and Jane’s personal lives.  It’s good to catch up with what’s going on with these characters. Anyway, Maura is still single, that’s a bit sad coz I really want her to find a loving partner that would really take care of her, and she’s such an amazing person and such an accomplished doctor. Any guy would want her. Jane is living the domestic life; I hope she’s happy about that, she’s taking care of her daughter and husband, but from time to time police work is butting here and there and I think because of that she’s living a balanced life. Last To Die is a book that you must have, the story is fast-paced and the mystery keeps unfolding from page to page. Tess is in top form with this book and I highly recommend it.

Soon to be released: Die Again by Tess Gerritsen (There’s no news yet on Tess’s official website but there are other sites that featured this book as an upcoming release from Tess later this year. I hope it’s true!)

My Rating: stars

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In My Mailbox #52: Great Deals!

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by  The Story Siren.

Hey guys! How's it going? IMM time people! Excited to be posting these books for y'all to see!

I got this book by Ace Collins entitled Sticks and Stones, I normally don’t read these kinds of books, as I tend to read fiction, but I was intrigued by the topics that this book presented on how to use our everyday words as a positive force.

Demonglass was on sale on a fave bookshop of mine so that was a snag! I’ve read the first book and enjoyed it very much, need to have this one too, it’s only fair right? Hmm. Need to scout for Spellbound, the 3rd&final book in the Hex Hall series.

Brad Meltzer is an author that I've been seeing for so many years now and I haven't read any of his books. When I saw these two titles, it was marked down into a very affordable price; I didn't think twice and bought it immediately. Excited to read these.

Altar of Bones sounds like my kind of thriller and after reading the synopsis, I instantly fell in tune with the story, espionage, action-packed chase and twists and turns will surely keep me up all night reading this book.

And lastly, the book that is very important to everyone who is looking for work, "Preparing for a Winning Interview". Hmm. Why did I bought this? I think I need to be prepared with the unexpected.

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